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cate carter is a los angeles based singer-songwriter. she started writing music when she was 6 years old and has been writing ever since. 

cate's music is deeply personal and largely derived from her life experiences, relationships, and values. her goal in writing is to create a catharsis that connects us all.

rather than writing about general experiences, cate writes about very specific personal moments. she expands seconds of her life into minutes of lyrics of a song. cate writes with the hope that you can apply those thoughts and feelings to your own life and story.

cate's debut EP Slightly Out Of Reach is out now! the lead single "Women Always Know" is out now. you can to the EP listen here and watch the "Women Always Know" music video here.  click here to  stream her other three singles on all digital platforms.

for more information on cate and her journey to music, visit the about page.


thanks for hanging out w me! talk soon :)

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